Luis Suarez: An International Cuban Hero

Luis Suarez: An International Cuban Hero

Luis Suarez Hernandez, is the current curator of the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, and recognized by Safari Club International, as the most famous collector of exotic animals, and with even more positive ratings in the book of world records… Suarez is a pride for all Cubans, wherever they live, the enormous educational and biodiversity protection work he has done, alongside his wife, and founder of the museum, Dayamy Rodriguez, has not gone unnoticed by the world, and much less in Miami, which just this same year, gave him the Key to the City, as well as proclaiming, June 19, as the “Day of Luis Suarez Hernandez.”

Suarez, has been considered as an outstanding example for society, for the achievements and goals achieved, after three decades of constant studies and excellent collection of flora and fauna, among other qualities that make him an American citizen, who is respected and admired in the Miami community”.CubanTop10 Show

To better understand, this much recognition, it suffices to mention that his Collection of Animals is ranked as the number one in the world, and is considered the Best Collection of Samples of Educational and Public Animals of the Planet.

Now we know that us Cubans have Dr. Luis Suarez Hernandez, a Super Star, who does not write catchy songs, nor is a comedian, or some entertainment personality.

But what surprises us most of his success, is that it came from the educational field and protection of biodiversity, while making their childhood dreams reality, something that without a doubt, we admire a lot, in CubanTop10.


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