About Us


About us

The show follows David Lopez a Cuban teenager, who is proud of his Cuban-American heritage and is currently studying at Miami Beach Senior High!

David set out to discover all Cuban talents from around the world to better understand his heritage…

David asked for help from us to achieve his goal!

In between our team, we will discover, interview, and share weekly with the public the hidden talents, celebrities, and relevant figures of Cuban heritage around the world!

Each week some Cuban big star name in the world hits our show through the reports, interviews and tributes made by our hosts and guests! While we have the biggest range of Cuban celebreties at our show, we also invite a multitude of up-and-coming Cuban talents!

Cuban music is by far the greatest cultural contribution made by Cubans to the world. Such present-day stars like Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Descemer Bueno, Camila Cabello, Gente de Zona and more, will be our subjects of study!

Our Ranked Top10 Charts will be known to be the most accurate to the true fame of Cuban talents in the world! Actually, we have the widest range of Cuban Talents included in our records separated into five categories: Artists, Humanities, Sci+Tech, Sports+Games and Business+Politics…

Cash prizes to support Cuban talents of all types and ages around the world that exceed 15k dollars… A $5000 dollar prize for the best video submitted of “Challenge for Cuban Dancers” on CubanTop10.com is just an example of what we got in mind for those who want to be a part of this…

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Additionally to that, we want to ensure you that our show is completely enjoyable, as we’re constantly enhancing and improving our stories or guests on show! Our show’s team will always be of help to you, just like any other staff members!

Also, we’re offering a multitude of possibilities to join us in this journey of discovery and fun as a part of our proud volunteers, supporters and sponsors… This is a brand new show from Miami made and created by Cubans who call America home!

Call us to join us!