Camila Cabello: Challenger #2 to the Throne of Cuban Female Singer

Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter, who was born in Cojímar, east of Havana, Cuba, and today occupies the 3rd position, in this category of the most Famous Cuban Singers Alive.

A surprising fact that we should highlight of Camila Cabello, is that she is positioned at the top, in 3 of the 7 indicators that we use to make our ranking. To which it would be necessary to add, that she is, the youngest of the select group of the first 10

But the most revealing fact about Cabello, who also triumphed as part of the group, Fifth Harmony, is that of having received more than 24 awards or nominations, for her interpretative qualities, since she began her solo career in 2016“.CubanTop10 Show

In October of that same year, Camila Cabello was selected by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential teenagers in the world, and in October of 2017, less than two weeks ago, she launched her video Havana, which has already exceeded 200 millions of views on YouTube, confirming in this way, that the princess Camila, seems to be almost ready, to assume her own reign


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