Christina Milian: Challenger #1 to the Throne of Cuban Female Singers

This beautiful Cuban-American R&B / Urban singer, who is the daughter of Cuban parents, and was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, ranks 2nd in this category, and is second only to the Queen, Gloria Estefan. However, we must express our astonishment, confirming that Christina Milian has been the Cuban female singer most mentioned in the news from around the world, during the last 5 years. Her numbers are so great, she can not be rivaled in the section of news, not even if we add all the individual results, of the rest of the 250 participants, we have considered in our list…

Milian’s career, we are aware, can not be summarized with the coldness of numbers, although they reflect, that Christina Milian, has made and participated in 4 albums, 13 films, 24 programs and television series, in addition to obtaining for her interpretive quality, more than 14 awards or nominations”.CubanTop10 Show

Since the world met her with the theme “AM to PM”, in 2001, the career and love life of Christina Milian have been under the strictest observation of the media, and the paparazzi fight to get even the smallest movements…


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